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Surface RT - loaded 8.1 and MS Outlook and now have 2 mailboxes!!


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I have had my RT since August and although the first had to be returned because it would not start up I do love it.

I downloaded 8.1 when I was prompted but resisted MS Outlook because I was pretty happy with the "mail" and "calendar" on the start up screen. After a few weeks I succumbed and installed MS Outlook. My email acc was already with outlook.com. Now I have something of a problem in that I have two mail systems in operation and although they synchronise pretty well it is confusing.

I think I would prefer to use MS Outlook but would like it to operate like the old "mail" system i.e. to have Outlook on start up screen and also to indicate "new email" on screen before I log in. When I say that they synchronised fairly well the exception seems to be the contact list which only contains an apparently random 6 names and noting under the alphabetical listing on Outlook. Typing the first couple of characters however brings up all contacts in the old list which fit

I have very limited IT ability so please treat me gently.

Thank you,