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Surface RT with Modern Operating System


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Has anyone here, with a Surface RT, got it to work with a modern version of an operating system (be it Windows, Android, Linux, or something else). I don't have an RT myself, I'm just curious.


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No. However, you could definitely use it as a good Remote Desktop client for getting into a more stationary primary system. With RemoteFX features unlocked on said stationary computer, the RDP experience becomes much more tolerable.
Yes, me... here.
With some work, Windows 10 can be installed (it's some kind of beta version) and it works pretty well.

I had one Surface RT1 because I always wanted one, and when I got my hands on it I loved it, then searching the web found the opensurfacert project, these guys (mostly the older ones) managed to install Windows 10, and so I did too. I also loved it and from a toy project, I actually ended doing a lot of work on my little device (using Word, Excel, etc), but also discovered how flexible it was to use DrawboardDF and XodoDocs for my purposes, and so... fun became fun-work (not just using Office).

I said I had 1 Surface RT, but that was just the beginning, as later I ended up owning 5 diff Surfaces (RT1, and RT2), sold one, bought another one, etc. Now I just have the Surface 3 (Atom processor), still love these devices (yeah, I have my big desktop computer too).

These guys also installed Linux (I didn't), I don't consider it actually usable, but you would have to build your own opinion if you decide to try it. You can also check Michael MHD Youtube channel, he covered a nice review of the install process.
I am glad to read this. I remember seeing a video on how to install a beta version of Windows 10 on a Surface 2. The hardware is still quality. I gave mine to a friend who teaches English classes, and it works for her. She uses it for video and audio and to show PowerPoints in her classes. Her classes are very small, normally 1 - 3 students. I am happy that my old Surface 2 is still getting some use. I bought it in 2014. It is still going strong.