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Three Questions


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Hi all...

I have three questions:

First, I have a Windows Store Gift Card worth £15. Can I use this across the Windows Store for Win 8.1 and 8.1 RT AND the Windows Phone Store? If yes, how does it work? Do I enter the code at both stores? I would like to buy some apps (like Plex - see below) for my desktop machine and Surface 2. I would also like to buy a couple of apps for my Lumia 720. Or, do I need to buy individual gift cards for each of the stores, which would suck!

Second, I have been reading about Plex and was wondering if an actual user could give me (1) a very short summary of what it does (2) how to set it up - including pre-configs, if necessary.

Third, I think I would like to have my own private cloud set up (well, in addition to what OneDrive offers). How can I set this up? What would I need - hardware/ software? How reliable is such a set up and what are the risks, if any?


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You enter the code in either store and the credit will show up across properties, you need to chose your Microsoft Account at checkout to pay with the credit.

Plex requires a machine to act as Server, I use an old ATOM D HTPC for it, the server software is free, then clients connect to it as a central repository. Different Servers Types have access to different plugins (Channels). Plex can also catalog all of your media you have in the home network.

I believe if you want to access your Plex Server outside the home network you would need to pay for the Premium Level.

To setup a personal cloud, you can purchase Network Storage Devices that have the ability built in, (they typically use the vendor's on Web Service to act as Traffic Cop) or you could build your own using the paid version of Splashtop or even TeamViewer, more complex would be setting up VPN or direct connections back into your home network.