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Tile Rows on Surface RT


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Definitely seems to be a bug people are seeing but that means they must be working on it. It wouldn't be a totally random coincidence without something in the code that may allow it.


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Speaking of rows, is there a way to defeat the auto-formatting that prevents me from having my last 3 tiles in a vertical column? It always kicks one out to the side so I end up with a column of 2 and then a column of 1?


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And its back. I turn it off most nights and when I turned it on this morning I had 4 rows again. Wonder how long it will last this time.. :) [edit]just out of interest I restarted again but it came back with 3 rows. Also when I had 4 rows and the screen went off it reverted to 3 when I activated the screen again.tiles are definitely smaller when there's 4 rows.
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Try to regedit

PreviousScaleFactor = 80 (Decimal)
PreviousLogoScaleFactor = 80 (Decimal)
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settings seem to reset upon signing in/out again. I tried, layout_availablehieghtcells and layout_maximumavailableheightcells to 4, and resets alsO


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Because they're in the current user hive...
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