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Tile Rows on Surface RT


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do i have to restart the surface after running the enable4tiles.reg?

edit: im gonna answer myself, yes.. you have to :-D and btw, it works like a charm!!!


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lThere is a noticable degradation in the performance of the graphics when using this mod. Animations, play (Pinball FX2) are affected. Not to the point of being annoying, but noticeable.


Can somebody run the "fish" thing and compare?


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In case we want to reset this key - does anyone know if it had a default value, or we can just remove the key Again? (forgot to look)
I don't plan on doing it now, but if performance takes to big a hit - i will maybe go back at a later time.


Aw: Tile rows on Surface RT

I ran the fish test before and after. The results are the same, about 33fps.

What i have notice is a small performance degree in some apps like the Bild app (german newspaper). Scrolling is a little laggy.

I will keep the 4 tile rows for now.

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If you edit the registry what happens when a new firmware is released? Does the edit go away and then you have to do it again?


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After more experimenting, if you use 12.1 as the monitor size and 125 DPI you still get the 4Tiles but the proportion is very close to the default as far as the OSK. From a Firmware update changing it, we'll have to see, luckily it isn't a difficult hack... :)


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@jnjroach, any perceived degradation? Damn, why am I asking, just try!
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