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Type cover deterioration


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I confess:D
The object is to keep the separating forces confined as much as possible to the magnet mating solid structures , and not leak down to the adjoining flexible junction surfaces.

Arizona Willie

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My SPI type cover has been getting picky lately. Seems I often have to attach it and detach it and reattach it to get the keyboard to work.

But no physical signs of it coming apart.

If it dies I will just go buy a Bluetooth keyboard 'cause I doubt I can get a new SPI type keyboard after 2 years.

Arizona Willie

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Correct. I responded only because I have been using a Type keyboard for 2 years and, although it is getting a bit flaky ( is it the keyboard or the SP getting flaky? ), the keyboard itself shows no visible signs of coming apart or damage of any kind.
Arizona. So you have a Surface Pro 1 and not a 3?


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I'm no physicist but wouldn't the forces on the magnetic strip be the same no matter?

Yes. I guess you can minimize shearing forces if you keep the keyboard flat, but I've not found this to be an issue.

The only thing I'd say has build issues so far is the Pro 2 charger, which is playing up a lot.

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