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Type cover keyboard flat or propped up? Which do you prefer and why?

propped or flat?

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  • Flat

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Oh, that's nothing. I also followed the advice of an MVP on Microsoft Answers who suggested several possible fixes, from reinstalling drivers to resetting the Surface, so I've now got a 12" tablet that's gone back to Windows 10 build 1511 with none of my installed software or documents. And I have to tote around a Bluetooth keyboard.

I really hope none of you have to go through this, but I've seen it happen time and time again.


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Is it out of warranty? Resetting the Surface is what they always come up with. Even if your screen is cracked...


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It went out of warranty on August 2nd. Just over 2.5 months before the type cover stopped working. Anyway, I'm not 100% convinced it's the hardware. But I'm not that hopeful about it. I'll just have to change the way I use it. And tell my story any time anyone asks me "Should I buy a Surface Pro 3?".


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have you tried this? go to an MS store if you can, and attach another keyboard, if it works what it'll do is sorta reset something and your original KB will start working again, that's what I had to do on one of my Surface RT. I tried everything else to make it work like you, but attaching another KB got it to work...


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Thanks for the suggestion but there are no MS Stores here in the UK. I did, though, take it into a PC World store and tried an SP4 keyboard, which didn't work.

What I should have done, but didn't think of at the time, was do a two-fingered restart with the SP4 keyboard attached, and try my own keyboard on the SP4. I'll try those if I'm up that way again.