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Screen protectors for SP3?


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The picture posted above, I don't understand what im supposed to be looking for.

As for the Zagg case, I decided to open and install it. Figuring I guess at worst id just be pissed and take it off and just run without one.

But upon opening it, I then started to clean my screen, noticed a very small scratch/crack in my screen (only about a mm or less). While I was occupied with that, I took out the zagg glass cover and started to put it on, until I noticed a huge what looked like crack. Pretty much from bottom to top 3/4 of the way from right to left. Thought maybe it was just from the film, as I pulled the film I not only realized it was the glass that was cracked, but the bottom right (where the crack starts/stops) was all spiderwebbed.

So, not sure about either trying a new one or not. But fact that my newer sp3 is already small hairline crack/scratch, really makes me want to have a protector on the screen.

Mine also has a tiny 'scratch'. I noticed it when I cleaned my screen with an alcohol wipe. I can't see it and can't feel it, not unless the screen is wet (still can't feel it). It's like a small rough patch except it feels smooth.


Yea, scratches/cracks suck. Its so very minimal, like yours, that you really have to look at it and almost catch it in the light.

But went back to BB, exchanged my cracked glass protector for another. Installed without problems. Haven't noticed any touch lag or problems, and glare seems to be just a tad higher than it was before the protector, but crank up brightness and that's fixed. No test with fluorescent lighting until probably tomorrow if I can run to the office. As for pen, it does (even though its glass) add some resistance. Not sure if its bad or not yet, as I just did a quick couple of sentences, but so far from what I can feel, its not a deal breaker at all.

So, now have the Urban gear case, and Zaag glass screen protector. I'm downloading the windows 10 iso right now, determining whether or not to do dual boot/vm. But I'm a pretty happy camper. Give me a power cover with backlight that specifically for the 12" sp3, and ill be golden.