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USB charger


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My wifes Optima has the same thing, but no AC outlet. My truck doesn't have a fancy enough stereo to get the usb port.

Neither is as ideal as it could be. 2 or 3 ports could have been fit into the space of one 12V power socket and a standard outlet in the other. The actual KIA USB port has an 8GB usb stick in it with music that feeds into the stereo, while a bluetooh connection covers the rest of the media needs.




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Jeeze, what in the world are you plugging into that car? 5 usb ports is about 5 more than I need in a vehicle ;)


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No, no it's only two in each vehicle (well 3 in the Kia but it can't be used to charge and play music). That is not much and you'd be surprised how quickly two ports gets used up on a long road trip: 2 phones, a phone and a tablet or a phone and a GPS, a tablet and a portable speaker, a phone and a bluetooth headset, etc. I also use the USB ports to charge up helmet cams when dirt bike riding. I'm not saying they have to put excessive ports in a vehicle but three plus an A/C outlet would be nice instead of the two 12V outlets and wouldn't take up any more space than they have already allocated. Even just having two A/C outlets would be nice since you could always plug in a standard multi-port USB charger at that point and charge whatever you need from that.

Heck just traveling over the holidays I had two tablets (Nexus 7 w/3G and Surface), two phones (iPhone 4 for work and HTC One X personal) and a laptop (which I would like to have replaced with the Surface but I couldn't get it to log in through Citrix before the trip). Now I could have done without the Surface entirely but since I had just got it there was no way I was leaving my new toy behind ;) I did leave my bluetooth behind though which would have been an extra thing to charge.

It all just adds up. :shocked:



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You all sund like fanboys!

The idea of using an inverter AND an extra MS 12v brick is odeous.

MS/Balmer has about as much idea of marketing as I do of running the Vatican. The Surface is a neat machine and the 12v ought to be a PLUS .. they make it a minus by overcharging for a spare brick and not coming out with a simple car charger (or bundling it!).

Sam for the stylus. After a lot of work I found sme great styli(?) from China .. Rollerball on one end! Well built. Why didn't MS find this and put amgent on an edge so it would be easy to cary with the SURFACE?

BTW .. has anyone but I seen the Office Dept ad for Tablets? The machine in the ad is a Surface. Show Win8 interface. There is no mention of MS or SURFACE. The text and voice come up ... for iPADS!!!

Seems to me that Mr. Balmer needs to hire a LOT better ad agency!


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That Kensington adapter looks like the ideal solution even if a car charger comes out at a later date. USB and A/C all in one, road warrior dream...