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VPN Problem Surface Pro 2


Searched forums and for some reason could not find anything titled as a problem with VPN using Surface Pro 2. Hoping this means it is rare.

Our IT guy says he is having problems connecting some of our Surface Pro 2s on VPN at work. The work-around has been using Citrix.

I may have to get more details on this but find the answer he got from Microsoft as strange. Apparently, some of the Surface Pro 2s have an issue connecting when others do not. He had been told the problem is with Cisco who are working on a fix.

I know the Pro 2 processors were "upgraded" or at least changed with the later release of Surface Pro 2 but have no idea why that would make a difference. I understood the change was just in the graphics processor. Anyone else had a problem with Cisco and Surface Pro 2? I can find out specific issues but don't know what intelligent questions I should be asking.

Would appreciate any links you know of regarding connecting Surface Pro 2 though a Cisco VPN.

I've seen Surface Pro 1 running on our VPN but not the Pro 2 and I know IT has just starting purchasing the Pro 2. I'm now also wondering if there were Cisco VPN issues that were unique to any Surface Pro 2. We are running Windows 8.1.

Usage of Surface devises at work is important to me because it is the first introduction to Windows 8 at work and I don't want people running around bashing it because of any issues with VPN.
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Sounds more like an issue with Windows 8.1 as the WLAN is exactly the same between the SP1 and SP2. Cisco has struggled with Windows 8.x since the launch, their software has an expectation of re-writing the GINA and other Kernel System level services/DLLs

I've abandoned Cisco solutions for my customers, but if I were troubleshooting my guess would be starting at the PEAP Handshake and Certificate Allocation and Deployment.