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Win 8 Pro and VPN problems


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Today, I tried to connect over my workplace's VPN (on my laptop which does duty as a desktop) and found that I lost my internet connection. At first I thought that my VPN credentials had got corrupted. I then thought that my workplace's servers were having a problem. Now, I have the identical VPN settings on the Surface RT. When I tried to connect over the VPN using the Surface, I could connect with no problems. I then looked up the MS TechNet site. Apparently, this is a bug in Win 8 and has been reported as so, but MS - in its infinite wisdom - has apparently done nothing about it. The problem was first reported in Oct. 2012. Anyways, after a few (meaning at least 45 mins) anxious moments, I came across a post by someone called Tomasz Krajewski who said to do the following:

Run Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows Firewall.
Click Advanced settings on the left.
Choose Inbound Rules.
On the right click New Rule....
Select Predefined, choose Routing and Remote Access, and click Next.
Check all three rules, and click Next.
Choose Allow the connection, and click Finish.
Then repeat actions for Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (in Inbound Rules).
Then repeat actions for Routing and Remote Access (in Outbound Rules).
Restart computer, and VPN connection.

(here is the link to the TechNet site - you will have to scroll down to Tomasz's post to see it): Windows 8 Pro VPN Connection problem - No network access

I followed the steps exactly as mentioned above and it worked! The first time I restarted the computer and yes, the VPN connection worked. I then shut down the computer fully, waited for sometime and then booted up...Again, the VPN worked!!!! After posting my thanks to Tomasz on TechNet, I posted this here in case anyone faces this problem sometime down the road in the absence of MS doing something about it. Jeez, MS...a working VPN solution is a foundational capability in these days of ultra-mobile activity. What the hell is wrong with you guys? At least make sure that these things are working!!!!! (apologies for the rant against MS!! But I think they deserve it this time!)