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Warranty exchange in MS Store


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I replaced my SP2 (purchased from Best Buy) through myservice.surface.com, but the replacement has kickstand issue. Left side of kickstand is sticking out. Is it possible to get another replacement at local MS store? Do I need to take the retail box with me as well?
They don't keep what in stock? Can't you just take your SP2 (on warranty) to the local store and swap it for a new one?


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Call the store. I purchased mine at the store, they never had any in stock so I did 1 replacement by phone, second device I got was bad and when I called store they put a brand new one aside for me. I drove down and they opened it in front of me and gave me the new one...

People on the forum can't really answer this question accurately
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They don't keep replacement units in stock. You can only purchase at an MS store.

I've replaced my SP2 twice in the store. They gave me a new one right out of their inventory. Although, I did purchase my original in the store and have the Complete warranty, too.


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I purchased mine at a MS store, the one in Milwaukee is just a kiosk kind of style one in a mall. I put my name on a list for a 256GB surface, 5 days later they called. Picked it up on a Monday. It went back that Wednesday and they put my name on one for the next shipment. They called on Sunday. Went on the following Monday on lunch, got my replacement. Checked it out after I got back to work and it had a junker kickstand too with the banana bend in it. Went back to the store when I got done with work and they had one left in stock and they opened it up and checked it out. That kickstand was acceptable to me, so I left with a unit I was happy with. With that said, I don't think that they would replace a SP2 that they didn't sell there, if you think about it it's like buying something at one retail store and returning at another. I realize it is a Microsoft store, but they are retail stores.