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Yeh that GPU with a pathetic 1GB of memory - gaming with 1GB on that resolution??? Yeh right ok... most powerful device hahahaha

What we have is a SP4 in a thinner shell with a external GPU and battery.

Sorry but whilst this is a cool idea, it just can't compare to a dedicated laptop.
Anyone expecting to game at full res on the SB is a bit crazy to begin with and most high end mobile GPU's would struggle especially at that res (3000x2000)with today's demanding games.
Most people that are PC enthusiast that know hardware will be happy to game 720P/1080P at medium to high settings, the SP3 has shown us it can game pretty well when you optimize the settings and this should be much better than the "old" SP3.
It's not a dedicated "gaming" laptop but can game when you tweak the settings, if you buy this just to game this might not be for you and there are much better alternatives that are bigger and bulkier.