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What will your next machine be?


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With a whole slate of windows 8 machines coming out along with the Surface Pro 2, what will your next machine be? Let's just say money were no object and you could sell your surface pro at the cost that you bought it.

Some of the upcoming windows 8 machines include:
Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 (Upgraded version of the Yoga 13)
Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga
Sony Vaio Flip
Sony Vaio Tap 11
Asus Transformer Book T300
Surface Pro 2

Personally I'd see myself getting the Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 or an 11 inch version of this same machine since it doesn't compromise even the slightest when it comes to the clamshell form factor while having "tabletish" functionality. As much as I love my Surface Pro, I just miss the various advantages of the clam shell form factor. After using my Surface Pro since release, I've come to discover I need more of a tablet like laptop rather than a laptop like tablet.

What will your next machine be?


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Likely surface pro 2. But that Asus transformer book 300 is really good also. That Sony one no slouch also. Sexy design. Those I mentioned will likely be the lightest out of the group you posted. Hard decisions to make.

But I love the pro because its a unique design and from Microsoft themselves. The current pro has worked great for me so far.


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Probably a Surface Pro 3, 4 or even 5. The Surface Pro is pretty much exactly what I wanted, there are only 2 major things I'd like to see improved: The SP itself should be a bit cooler. It can get really hot at times. And I'd love to see a better and bigger touchpad for the type cover. They should just copy the MacBook trackpad as good as they can. ;P

For on the go the SP definitely has enough horsepower for me, but I will be upgrading my desktop computer soon.


Almost certainly the Surface Pro 2. I already have a Yoga 13. It collects dust and I recharge & update it every month or two. Hybrids are not for me, it seems. My 10" ThinkPad Tablet 2 does all my Word 365, legacy desktop programs, and Command Prompt compiler requirements for my work. It also plays old favorite games such as Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.

Unfortunately, on 100,000+ word converted PDF documents its 2 GB memory is insufficient, as is the Atom CPU. Ditto when processing my RAW photos. We're talking minutes per operation at times. So I want something that works the same but has a Core processor and at least 4 GB RAM. Oh, and a Wacom stylus is also now a must. Now that I've discovered the ease and productivity of touch+pen when editing long documents in Word I can't go back. It helps a lot when using legacy desktop programs, too.

So hybrids are out and so is the Sony Tap 11, probably: N-Trig pen, 5 hour battery (per CNET), nearly as heavy as the current SP at 800g, and too large at 11.6". Something else may come out but for now it seems SP2 is best for my needs and preferences.



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I have loved my surface pro but I just increasingly find myself in situations where I miss the clam shell form factor. For example I am typing this right now while sitting in bend with the SP on my lap while typing on my touch cover. Though I can get by doing it, I can do it much more effectively with a clam shell laptop. Or there are times when I am sitting on my bed watching a video or video chatting on Skype wishing I could adjust the angle of the screen. Of course everyone's experience and needs are very different.


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For desktops, I usually build my own. For laptop, I usually like Samsung and Sony brands. Tablet, for sure the Surface Pro.


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For desktops, I usually build my own. For laptop, I usually like Samsung and Sony brands. Tablet, for sure the Surface Pro.

Darth --

Like you, I build my own desktops -- just finished one, sporting and I7-4770 on Asus P9X79 M/B, 16G RAM and an SSD -- hot little system. Laptops: In the past, I have liked HP laptops, but I think I have bought my last one. After two trips with my Pro, I gave my laptop to my daughter. Tablet: I will probably buy a Pro2 when it's available, for the same reason that my dog . . . . ., nah, can't go there. Notwithstanding all the whining and crying around here, I have been very happy with the Pro, so will likely buy another (probably 2).

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The 2017 Surface Pro! Seriously though, I've changed computers every 4 years from my first one in 1997 until buying my Surface this year... I have no reason to change that way of doing things.

Alternatively the best I've seen is probably the Lenovo Carbon X1 so probably whatever replaced that.


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My next machine will be a home brew Windows 8 desktop. Probably a Micro ATX or Mini ITX variety. Not sure as yet which. Looks like Bitfenix is going to make us wait about 5 weeks to get a ProdigyM so that's right out! 3 shall the number be, 4 shalt thou not count, 5 is right out!