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Who can recommend a very good antivirus app?


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Can someone recommend a very good antivirus application that is not intrusive? I did a scan yesterday using a free app and found a bunch of Malwares in my comp, although none are threatening to the point of formatting, it still bothers me that I now have to get rid of them..

I've been using ESET for the past few years. http://www.eset.com/us/
It's available for the Android mobile platform also.


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I recently purchased Kaspersky Pure 3.0 because I was fed up with how Norton and Constant Guard from Comcast.net let in malware and infections. I have had to refresh my HP Envy numerous times, and some how my computer was still getting corrupted. That is what made me go with Kaspersky Pure 3.0.

@hmhoshino Can you please confirm if Kaspersky Pure 3.0 can be used with Surface Pro 3/Windows 8.1?
I bought multiple licenses for my office and plan to use one for SP3, but Kaspersky's site said it's not compatible with Windows 8.1. :eek: (I wish I can use it with SP3!) :(

Many thanks.


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I've used Norton, Mcafee, Kaspersky, Avast and AVG - right now I am using AVG, full version, as it's my preferred one.,
I used avast, avg, avira free versions and paid versions kasperky, pc cillan and bit defender and i have to say the bit defender is by far the best.
Also bit defender is always no 1 or 2 in reviews for best protection for those nasty virus


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There is an interesting comparison. Especially for those who are interested in Microsoft Security Essentials.


It shows how different viruses are spreading in different countries and which AV-Software is the best in a given region. There even are heat-maps countrywise.

Only issue with that report is it's commissioned by Microsoft. I use Security Essentials and common sense for now but am open to suggestions.


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I want to use Trend Micro Virus, but while we were at the Microsoft Store yesterday, they said Windows Defender was better, and that I should just use that. I know they are there to sell their products, but WD doesn't get great reviews. Should I just use Trend, like I want, and turn off WD? Opinions?

Matthew Reimer

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Honestly I have used and tried a lot of different protections out there. The free ones work IF your smart and already know what to look out for. Norton is junk hands down not too mention getting out of the protection field soon for homes. The biggest infection type I see now a days is Malware and the two programs I have seen that are light weight and powerful enough to stop them before they even start are Malwarebytes ans ESET.

The computers that come into my store are running either Norton or Mcafee and they didn't protect against jack when it came to the infections.

Hands down two great programs Malwarebytes and ESET


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I'm convinced those tests and reviews are staged or fixed so not getting any help there.

Then a cynic would say BitDefender writes the best viruses. :)

Common sense is the leading AV solution.

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