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Why can't I resume a PDF where I left off from before?


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I got it on that discount.

I like to have 10 or more PDFs open. Notes from different lectures and homework sheets, stuff I'm working through, and it crashes pretty much daily.

What would you say is the better Android version of a PDF annotator?

Ummm...not an annotator (since no Android device I have used ever had any form of writing capability). But I used to use Mantano (free version) to read my PDFs and it was very good.


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It's called ezPDF Reader, but acutally you can annotate pdfs with it. There is a free trail in the PlayStore.

I just gave it a quick test, and it's displaying all of my annotations from Drawboard completely wrong - just big blobs of highlighter all over the page. Tested with Acrobat Pro and everything displays fine. The app looks like it has potential but they need to sort their compatibility.


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Like the title states, whenever I open a PDF (through OneDrive), it doesn't open up to the page where I last left off. Instead, it ends up on the page I was say, I don't know, a couple days before. This is only after I restart, or shut down/start up, my sp3 (or maybe just after a prolonged period of time).
However, if I exit the PDF then immediately restart it again, I do end up resuming where I left off.

Why is there such an inconsistency and how can I fix this?
In Adobe Reader you set it in Preferences, you have to check a box for Return to the page I left next time I open document (or something along that line, don't have it available right now)

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