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Windows 10 on Surface Pro 2


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I was wondering if anyone tried Windows 10 Technical Preview on their Surface Pro 2 yet?

I am thinking on giving it a spin.


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I have install as dual boot on my Desktop. Solid, but lots of bugs.
My concern, is that I don't want to lose my Windows 8 recovery partition.


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I'll defiantly run it when it's released but I don't feel like dealing with bugs on my surface. I'll probably check it out in a VM.


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Running it on a vm. Few quirks and bugs and not fully polished but that's expected. But it's going to be very nice, much better than 8 is


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I installed it this morning. So far no real problems that I can see. In fact the stylus seems to be a little more precise. Especially along the edges.

I like the design choices so far, I don't use my Pro 2 as a primary machine so I went ahead and took the plunge.


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Just use a vm and delete when you are done. I would expect someone will figure out how to install and boot from USB or sd card.


Used it a couple days and liked it so much I got rid of the 8.1 partition and installed it as my primary system. Google made Chrome touch screen friendly, so I don't really miss IE (touch). No problems so far.