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Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

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Has anyone from Australia received 158 or 159?

I can understand MS needing to stagger the release of the updates. But it is very annoying that they don't let us know when it will be available for each region.

Many of us are trying all sorts of processes to try and get the update to become available. Well I am anyway. :)
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Well i gave up on trying to get 158 via windows update. Found and ISO, entered in some random cd key when it asked and im up and running. Anyone know if this will cause any issues on 7/29 when final version comes out? Or am I going to want to clean install regardless at that time?


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So, in the past there has been that hidden rule of its always bad to upgrade windows, clean install is always best. But with Windows 10, is it worth it upgrade my existing windows 8.1 installation to windows 10 insider preview and then on to the final version of 10? Or, again, will it be best to just clean install on the 29th? Thanks!
In a word, YES. I have upgraded an 8.1 system and 2 7-Pro systems with no problems other than a shutdown memory error on the 2 that are on the slow ring. However, if you do want to do a clean install, do the upgrade first. That was a part of the thread.


Seems like 159 is not available in my region yet.
Tried with 130 and 158, but both versions don't show an update to 159.
Started with a Local Account, added Microsoft account, verified M$ Acc via SMS code, switched from slow to fast ring in settings, deleted previous windows installations & installation data, deleted the M$ account and switched back to a local account...
Nothing i did helped.

Btw, funny Bug. If you switch from M$ to Local Account, it does a Relog. But that's bugged, it still shows the M$ account but no matter what you enter as password its wrong xD


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I must have hit Check For Updates at least 100 times since 158 came out. Nothing, nada.

Did it again a few moments ago and now downloading 159... :cool:


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I had the same problem (stuck @ 0%). This worked for me. I take no credit I found it on WinBeta.
  • Task manager -> Services -> Windows Update (wuauserv) and restart
    the service
  • Check for updates

Seems to have worked for me too. I was stuck on both my desktop and my SP3. Both immediately jumped to "preparing to install," implying that the update was downloading but just not showing progress.
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