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Windows 8.1 question


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Why wouldn't that work on the surface??? Should work just fine....
Yes, you would need that for any disk media on the surface.

This is entirely besides the point, so here's a crash course on the main difference between Surface and Surface Pro. :)

Surface, which is shorthand now for their Windows RT device line, uses an ARM processor. Windows RT and Office RT are programmed to run on ARM architecture. The operating system Windows RT is not available for retail purchase, ever--it's an OEM-level product. By the same token, no regular x86 software can be installed on a Surface RT.

Windows 8.1, whether Pro or not (versions), is compatible with x86/x86-64 type systems and is available for consumer purchase and upgrade. This is full-fat Windows.

(Now. Yes, this thread is located in the Surface Pro forum, but the side comment about Surface uses the shorthand assumption that it's the Windows RT device.)


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How do we install Windows 8.1 on Pro it says its out now Oct. 17

Edit: nvm I found it on the windows store :D
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The update is rather large (3.63 GB), so have a good wifi connection and plan to wait a while for the download to complete.


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In the UK, seems like it isn't on the store any more? none of the links work and manually searching for it doesn't work. I assume it was on the main store page at mid day (UK release time)?