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Windows 8.1 question


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Ok so I should probably know this, but when windows 8.1 finally comes out, what is the process I will need to follow to upgrade to it. Right now I have 8.1 preview installed on my SP. Do I need to do a system restore through control panel to bring it back to factory and then I can upgrade to 8.1? Or will I be able to upgrade directly from this 8.1 preview?


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The process should be similar to a routine Windows update; just might take a bit longer. Programs and data should remain unmodified.

(Oops, sorry, I thought the question was upgrading from 8.0; I intentionally did not install 8.1 preview due to issue of having to make a clean install...)
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As far as I know right now, those of us with 8.1 Preview will have to do a clean install of the release version of 8.1. We will have to reinstall all of our non Modern apps, but the Modern apps will either reinstall from the windows store, or they will be un effected by the 8.1 upgrade. When the 8.1 preview was announced, it clearly stated that the release version would require a complete re installation of regular desktop style apps.

I, for one, have found it more reliable and easier to wipe the ssd and then do a clean install of the new os. The ssd is so fast that it doesn't take a long time. I was looking at back up media at Fry's last night. 2 TB external desktop Buffalo HD for $99. I already have about 6 TB of external storage, but only $99 for 2 more TBs would be a good thing. How can you go wrong.

Finally, I depend on Paul Thurott's winsupersite.com for the latest upgrade procedures that he tests and writes about.

Or just find it in the store! I saw this yesterday (yes, I know it wouldn't work with the Surface). Someone put it out on the shelf a little early.
A full disc version of 8.1? It wouldn't work with the RT at least! ;)

I'm already using 8.1 anyway through Dreamspark, so I wasn't about to buy it.