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Windows 8 Mail, People, Calendar apps get minor (but welcome) updates



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The store says nothing...can't see any intimation of any updates!

Edit: Got it. Thanks. Yes, now the Mail app makes a lot more sense!
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I have a question about the Mail app and Gmail and did not want to start a new thread about.

I want to access my Gmail account (only one of them) through the mail app. This is easy to do. However, I have linked that Gmail account to my work mail account. All mails sent to my work email ends up there which I have organized under an appropriate label. But I have also linked my work mail to the Mail app in Win 8/ RT. Now, if I link the Gmail account to the Mail app, that work-label should appear, right? This means there will be a duplication of mails. I don't want that. So, this means I will have to delink the Gmail and work-mail account. I'll still get the work mail but this time only to and directly to the Mail app. The reason I had set it up in this way was because I wanted backup in case something went wrong with the Outlook/ Mail app account. One point to note is that I can also access my work-mail through their web-interface (though I prefer not to because it sucks!).

I am now thinking that I should do the above - the updated Mail app looks and feels more competent than what it was before. So, what do you folks think? What am I missing out? What am I not considering (risk-wise)? Any other suggestions that you can make?

Thanks in advance.


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So glad to be now be able to set an end date for a reoccurring meeting. Was such a glaring omission to me, since I don't set many recurring appointments that extend infinitely. So far the improvements to the mail and calendar apps are welcome improvements. Have not really checked out the Xbox Music improvements yet, but hoping for a but more of the functionality that was lost with the switch from Zune. Still room for improvement, but reassuring to see Microsoft continuing to add functionality.


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The Scheduling Assistant in Calendar for creating meetings is huge. This will only work for Exchange accounts, but it allows you to view the schedules for everyone you invited. This makes the calendar useful in a corporate environment.


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Has anyone been able to get this to work? I've exported the ics file several times, but the calendar app wont recognize it. My job uses google calendar pretty heavily and I would love to get my work appointments back on the calendar. thanks for any help. I'm sure there will be a fix soon, or at least an all inclusive calendar replacement.

UPDATE: I was trying to do this on my Surface - I did it on my desktop and everything synced up fine!! COOL!!
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Not noticing too much different... What are the changes for the mail app?

There are several article links in this thread detailing the differences as well as personally noted differences. For the most part they are small though so you may not notice them. For example if you don't use the calendar you probably won't notice the change to the views or that you can set an end date to a recurring appointment.


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Thanks. I saw it this morning, as 'updates' in the store icon. And by the way, the original link worked fine for me too.

For me, the best part is being able to right click on an email and directly assign it as 'junk,' without going through the extra steps of right clicking it, or putting a check mark on it, selecting the 'move to folder' option, then selecting the junk folder. Same result, but with the new update it's more direct.

Now if only Google and Microsoft would shake hands and allow Google Calendar to work on the calendar app....like others, I have used the workaround of pinning the Google Calendar page in the Chrome browser to the start page...which actually worked pretty well, since doing that creates a 'tile,' saying Google Calendar. It's what you might call a 'semi-live' tile- since it does not list upcoming calendar entries, but it does reflect the correct date on it.

Thanks also for the info on the music app. Anyone know whether it will now show SD card folders? I may have to try that out.


I sync my calendar with my wife's calendar thru Google Calendar, and she is the type who will be resistant to any further changes in our tech life... she was using a feature phone before she met and was glad she changed to an iPhone.

She inputs calendar items thru her iPhone and enters it under our Google calendar account. There is no way for her to do that now with the new calendar app.

... this is a huge bummer, and I am holding off on the update for now until I find a solution really wanted to get the core apps updated.

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