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Question about Mail App in Surface RT & Win 8 Pro


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I noticed something curious today in the Mail app.

The Mail app on both my Surface (RT) and my desktop machine (running Win 8 Pro) sync to the same accounts (one work account + the Outlook account).

I received a mail at 6:28 PM. On the RT, the message time reads as 6:28PM, but on my desktop machine, the same message's time stamp reads 18:28. The date format (06/04/2013) is the same. I also checked in the date and time formats on both machines - they are the same.

My question is why this discrepancy?
Probably nothing of great concern... most likely one is configured for 12hr format and the other 24hr format
No...not of concern...just bugging me that's all since I noticed it. But I made sure that all the configurations are the same. If you can tell me where else I should look to set the configurations on both machines, that would be really cool. Thanks.
Search "region" in Settings and launch. At the bottom click "Additional settings...", followed by the Time tab. You can change the time format there