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Windows RT Surface Firewall


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Hello all. I am trying to open some ports up on my Surface but I'm unable to access the firewall. There doesn't seem to be any way of accessing it. The only place even listing it is the Action Center and it cannot be configured from there. Haven't had this issue on Windows 8 Pro, just RT. What am I missing? Been scouring the net without any luck. Even Technet has an article outlining how to access it for RT and it's pretty much the same as the Pro. It just doesn't seem to be accessible to me. My user has admin rights. Anyone out there that has had any luck with this?


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It looks like the normal Firewall Control Panel has been removed from Windows RT, Windows Firewall with Advanced Security is available under the Administrator Tools. This is an advanced set of tools but you can accomplish the task from there but the workflow if vastly different. Let us know what you are trying to open or block and I might be able to assist.


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I am having trouble connecting to some VPN servers using L2TP protocol and want to check UDP ports 1701 and 500 in the firewall. I checked the administrator tools and found the windows firewall with advanced security, but I have no idea how to open the ports. Can you help?


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The second link has UDP examples but it is usually "UDP=Port#" where Port# is the UDP you want to open...
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