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Yearly refresh cycle?


What's everyones thoughts on this?

I think the Surface 8 will really force people to make a decision between both it and iPad, which is fantastic as a consumer as it forces both companies to keep innovating and pushing the envelope.
We know Apple refreshes each year with tweaks, faster processors etc and I was wondering if people think refreshes will happen yearly and if so would will you be updating?


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Once a year is great for those that can afford it as long as the support continues for outdated devices. Not everyone can keep up with the Jones'.


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MOFO makes a good point. Plus only Apple makes iPad which is unique. There will be many Windows 8/RT tablets by various OEMs. So the refresh cycle will be sort of irrelevant hardware wise. Probably similar to Android in that respect. I don't see Widows refreshing that frequently. Likely it will just be the steady stream of Windows updates with their typical Windows life cycle.


I only hope they concentrate on providing good support. Once a year update seems reasonable and pretty standard these days. I probably won't be updating that fast though.