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You've got the pOO000WWWEEEER - PowerCover for Surface Pro 1 and 2 coming Mach 19


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The Spine doesn't offer enough data bandwidth to support additional USB devices (Keyboard and Mouse are already on an USB Root Hub), the Dock is actually an USB Dock with a mini-DP Hub built-in. So contrary to popular belief the Surface does in fact have 2 USB Ports, one is just the Spine with the keyboard and mouse attached to it :)


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Well that's one perfect scenario right there why you need a lighted keyboard, I'm sure with the lights dimmed you can't see those keys.... also why in earth would you not use the Surface in bed.... it's the best place to use it IMO LOL

I have done, occasionally, but then I've always left the keyboard on the desk and used the on-screen keyboard :) I'd usually be browsing and not typing much...

I have a question about the Power Cover battery. Will it take power from there initially? What I mean is (running with the example of using it on a long plane journey) will you be able to get a few hours from the cover, then when you get off the plane, put a Type Cover 2 on or whatever one you want and use the Surface with 100% battery? Or does it drain the Surface first then use the Power Cover batteries? Also... does it 'power up' the Surface, or have it's own battery supply indicator, if you get me.


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The Power Cover keeps the Surface Device at 100% Battery (as if it is plugged in) until the cover is unable to provide power, at that point you'll be on the main battery, so once the cover is drained you get replace the cover.


Picture found on internet showing thickness...9mm vs 5mm type cover 2 and 2.5mm touch cover 2:



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It looks like they are only offer it in Black. Is that true, or other colors come soon? You photo shows brown, is that just a mock-up?



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I use my surface at night all the time and the keyboard is bright enough from the screen itself. I've been using the original type cover with my SP2 and don't miss the backlight at all. Plus, I know where the keys are, once I put my index fingers on the home keys, why do I need to see the keyboard?

I'm not getting the power cover because after a couple months, the battery on the SP2 is good enough. Maybe if I need to travel I'd have a need for one. If the power cover was released with the SP2, I'd have bought one at the same time with my SP2.