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5 in 1 Surface Adapter - Legit!


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Hey Surface Peeps!

I am a new owner of a Surface Pro I just picked up the other day. I am leaving for a business trip to china this week and was on the hunt for some type of common functional surface adapter and came across this gem last week : Products - Android Tablet accessories | Smartphone accessories|

The adapter actually is made specifically for the Surface so it molds to the edge of the Surface which gives it a nice look and feel. It is pretty straight forward in functionality it has a SD and Micro SD card reader, micro usb input to give the tablet a charge while in use as well as 2 additional USB ports. I spoke with their support team about some of their other adapters and while doing so, they hooked me up with a free shipping coupon and told me, I could share.:excited: Coupon: SURFACE_JUICE
I am planning to order the product.Thanks for sharing the coupon code.I was looking for the same coupon code which I got here.It just amazing to brows here.


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I pulled the lever and ordered one and it came today. Fits the surface very nicely. I like the fact that it doesn't cover up the speaker.


I pulled the lever and ordered one and it came today. Fits the surface very nicely. I like the fact that it doesn't cover up the speaker.

Do you have the RT or the SP? If it fits the RT perfectly, I will assuredly order one.


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OK, this thing is GORGEOUS.

One more time: GORGEOUS.

- Matches the Surface color and texture exactly.

- Fits the Surface Pro like it was OEM.

- Tiny, dim, barely-there blue LED light shows it's working.*

- The company logo is very discreet. You hardly even see it.

- Fits the jack solidly. No wobble or play.

- Does not detract from the Surface's design - some may feel as though it complements it.

$23, free shipping. One reason it's such a deal, is that it arrived without fanfare, in a simple, manilla, padded envelope. The unit itself was in a plain clear plastic sleeve. So, no added cost of packaging...like, at all.

I know there's been some discussion about losing your single USB 3.0 port with this, while gaining two USB 2.0 ports, an SD slot, a micro-SD slot, and a micro-USB slot for charging cell phones, etc. It's true.

But, it works, it fits and it's beautiful. Sold...for $23.

(I'll take some photos eventually.)

* That LED light stays on while the computer sleeps - so it draws power in that mode. However, when I did a full shutdown the light went off. Just sayin'.


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Ok so a few questions (in addition to the one about the hdmi-port on the RT):

- Does it work with sdxc-cards?
- Any ideas about r/w-speeds on card-slots and USB? (please note if rt or sp)
- What about HDMI on RT ( :D )

I think the answers (and some photos) would help some users here.
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Great Device but USB 2.0?! Is there a deluxe 3.0 Version? I suppose if all you want is port expansion, its a great little device. Thanks for the link. I might buy one just to check it out. I want to support those engineering for the Surface directly.

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