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Best Use for the $900 Million Worth of Left Over RT's?


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What good use would you put these devices to if it were up to you to try? Would you donate them to schools? Technical colleges? Another Country? Which one? And Why? 'Surface-RT-Cluster-O'-Quake-Classic-Server-o'-beast-ness' perhaps? If tomorrow Ballmer called you up and said "Listen, (Insert name here), the Microsoft community is counting on you to handle the redistribution of these RT devices in a way that would save the most face for MS" what would you do with them?

I posted in another post but felt it was really its own topic and should probably be a sticky post. I would love to hear each and every wacky idea people come up with on this one. Honestly, ill bet there are millions of options that most of us have never considered.
I think they are trying to redistribute them by selling them cheaper, that's the 900 million. The difference in price between what their stock was worth and what it is worth now.


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Make a promotion in stores that everyone who buys an iPad gets a free Surface RT... then they can truly compare them at find out that Surface is much better


Eduational partnerships for schools or colleges. Offer them highly discounted to the .edu sector.


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Keep discounting until they are sold. The best thing they can do is get these into people's hands and get people using RT and Windows 8. Whatever it costs, just consider it a marketing expense.


The more we see people using them, the more we will see people wanting one, I do think Microsoft deserve to get something back on this product even if it is sold at cost, I hesitated buying one because even PCWorld in my area was not stocking them, so I couldn't try it out, but don't regret one bit my purchase, my wife got my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, I got my Surface. Jimmy


i think it gives them a chance to get some good PR hand them out to low income schools with office ect ect. turn tracking on them and make the kids turn them in at the end of the year for the next class.


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I think they should give them out to devs who submit apps/games to the windows store and encourage devs to make or port games/apps so that we will start to have more stuff in the store!


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This is a very old thread.... those Gen 1 RTs are all sold out at this point, there are review units of the Surface MINI somewhere that were originally destined for Demo and Review...