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Best Use for the $900 Million Worth of Left Over RT's?

I think the best use for these now is a very large sculpture somewhere. Possibly several smaller sculptures in different venues. :) I'll leave the caption(s) to you.

The Tegra 3 was just too slow, nothing you can do about that.
Just to be clear since we are necro'ing this old thread....

The Surface RT Charge was a write down not a write off, these devices were all sold it took longer than expected and were heavily discounted. Also the $900 Million included Marketing Expenses, R&D Costs and Surface Pro discounts.

So, just to put this to rest, there are no Surface RT devices sitting around unsold....
I just ordered a new Surface RT 64G - there are many of them available at many outlets much more heavily discounted than before. Check Newegg, Amazon, etc. I ordered mine for under $240 from an Amazon seller, there are plenty more available at those blowout prices. For people like me with modest tablet requirements they are perfectly adequate. I think a 64G Surface RT with a 64G SD card will be a much better travel companion than my 32G iPad 2. We'll see.