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Company Apps and VPN question


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My name is Chris, but I go by Golou. I am a network engineer where I work. I pushed for 3 Surfaces to do some R&D to see how they will work for us. We got 2. I have several questions about the Surface. One how can we do VPN other than the standard built in client. Under the properties the is something that is referred to as company apps. Anyone else out there using VPN?
Currently only the built in VPN client is available. I know Cisco and Juniper are working on solutions, but they want access to the underlying plumbing which MS seems to be reluctant to give them if you believe the gossip. My guess is we will see some sort of client available through the store after the first of the year. IT Shops can "side-load" Modern Apps (not desktop or Win32 binaries) using a PowerShell Script also I believe Remote Apps support is available using the RDP Client. I use the standard VPN client to get to my work desktop.
RDP does me no good if I am not on my network. The built in VPN sad to say does not work with our VPN server.
Golou - I connect to my Customer VPN through RDP, I VPN into my desktop and then from there I VPN via Smart Card to my Customer's VPN Server.
If you have the infrastucture for it Windows RT does support Direct Access, at least that's what I've read, I haven't tested it myself.
Here at work I have implemented at third party vpn. So everything I have read or tired there isn't support yet for it. Cisco is rumored to have an app coming out soon.