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Compatble DVD reader/writer


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I am looking for a DVD reader/writer that works with the single USB port on the SP3 with windows 10. No docking station or USB hub. I am looking for something to install software on DVD and back up some files. Playing videos or audio would be a nice plus. I purchased a Samsung SE-128GN/RSBD unit and the USB port does not supply enough power to operate the drive properly. It works fine on my Dell Laptop also with Windows 10 There is a newer version of this unit from Samsung model #SE-218CB/RSBS that some folks on Amazon say works with it SP3 but others say they had trouble. I'm speculating that it may have something to do with the processor in the SP3. Mine is a i5 with 256GB. The higher performance processors (as opposed to the i3) may not leave enough power leftover for the USB port. In any case, what model have folks had good experience on an i5 SP3


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This section was/is for FAQs and Guides. Moving the thread to accessories. A search will bring up some results for people who have used external CD/DVD drives with some success.
I use a powered enclosure which currently houses a DVD reader/writer. It plugs it to my S3 via usb, and works perfectly.

Four screws hold the DVD in, and it can be changed out for a BR player/writer, or anything else that fits. As it is powered, it does not rely soloely on the tablet, so it is not as portable as most external HDDs.