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Cool stuff i've added to my surface pro...


So, I'm not a big fan of wires and I want an all purpose device. So far, i've added my phone as a bluetooth reciever.

Bluetooth GPS from phone:
I have a jailbroken Iphone, and use "TryGpsOut" on cydia, you can use your iphones built in GPS and forward it by bluetooth to your surface pro, tested and working. you can also use the built in tethering on the iphone while your run "TryGpsOut" . Tested with google earth and a few other gps programs, It creates a virtual com port use 4800 bps. Not sure if there is a program on andriod that does the same thing.

EDIT: I'm told that these work on android.

Bluetooth GPS Output
Bluetooth GPS

I use this on my surface pro with my iphone built in gps as the bluetooth gps reciever


I just click on the program on the iphone, and then run pc navigator, it's free and also touch enabled.

I wanted a Bluetooth controller, because I don't like dongles or usb transmitters, So I decided to get Nyko Playpad

Nyko - Products - Playpad (black)

This works as an HID controller under windows even though it's made for andriod, the cross pad works as arrow keys on the keyboard, the analog and buttons register fine. I wanted to change the crosspad from arrow keys to WASD, so I used a quick autohotkey script to do that, and it works now like my xbox360 controller would except without the dongle or usb.

I added a plantronic Backbeat 903+ bluetooth headset, stereo quality is excellent on this, it's really small and wraps around behind your head, the microphone is not so good, but it works regardless, check this out here.

Plantronics | BackBeat 903+

Find yourself a Rooted version of Bluestacks, and add a launcher to it. now you have the full version of andriod. I found that over at XDA Developer, just do a search for rooted bluestacks

If your looking for a USB ethernet adaptor that works, I use this one from belkin.

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nice touch on the GPS! anything SIMILAR for an android phone?
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@marcux...very interesting! But I wonder with all the Bluetooth peripherals, how does it impact your battery life especially since you are using a Pro?
I added the Dell S2340T monitor with Built in Port Expander. One USB uplink cable and one MiniDP to HDMI cable and a power cable. It feels like I am hooking up Frankenstein every time I do it. It works and provides Gigabit Ethernet, but I want a dock for the Pro pretty badly. The TPT2 that we are testing at work as part of pilot project have docks. TPT2 dock is only 100 Mbit and USB 2.0 but its still very nice.
You know you can do the same thing with just the usb uplink. Minus the hdmi. In order to use the touch capab in the monitors you need to use the usb. That being said I still use both on mine because I find the picture doesn't distort on either monitors I have 2 dell2340t . My set up sp usb to dell uplink display to hdmi than usb from dell to dell uplink on Mon 2. I have tried every set up and this provides the best picture quality.
I get around 5 hours battery with my power profiles, everything is seemingly turned down, but not off. bluetooth is on, i don't have stuff connected for 5 hours, but I never power off the bluetooth radio, and i've gotten 5 hours from it, as long as i'm not doing anything cpu/gpu intensive.