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Did you buy the right Surface?


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I am now fairly convinced that as and when Office Gemini is released (unless there are drastic reduction of Office features), I could live without the desktop. I have been experimenting with working on in the Modern UI space for over a week and I find that the only time I get into the desktop space is when I have to use Office. I have also experimented with whether I can rely only on my Surface 2 and I find that I can. There is only one site where a single feature on the site does not work - both on the Surface and on the desktop machine in IE11. For that I have to fire up Chrome. If that feature worked, then I would not have to either access the desktop space or fire up the desktop machine!


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The pro (and now pro 2) was right for me. I use Modern apps a lot but there are a few obscure programs I still use. I'll need the desktop for a long time.