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First hour with Surface Pro: It turned off alone and now It doesn't turn on!


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I had this happen to me when I had the RT model. I freaked out because I think it was after the warranty period and I didn't purchase the extended plan. Anyways, all I did was hold down the power button for a few seconds, while unplugged. After several minutes, I plugged the power back and held the power button for a few seconds longer than usual.

After that process, the Surface powered back on like normal and never had the issue again.



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Yikes. Glad it worked out. I know you have been waiting for your SP. Just out of curiosity have you rechecked to see if any additional updates are ready. Some took a few tries before showing up. Check both in metro and thru the desktop updater.


Yeah, it's a bug. I had the same scare during my first week.

Sleep seems to get confused, and when it does, it can be frustrating. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.


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That's great, glad you got it fixed. Let's hope for no more kinks with your new SP!


This used to happen to me a lot (2-3X per day). After doing a refresh, it rarely happens. Maybe once every other week, it's usually just asleep and holding down the power button will turn it on or in some cases, completely off, then I just press it again to turn it on.