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Just to warn you - your whitelist will get wiped when an update comes. You should use notepad to make a list of your sites and save it to the desktop. also create a shortcut to the xml file so when the updates come, you can just cut and paste the group of them in again. That's what I am doing.

BINGO. I've got it to work using Notepad!!!!! Thank you Rick Sutliffe


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You are correct, no DTS and no subtitles, but the app developer says they are working on it, so that is cool.

Apple still doesn't officially support flash. There are some browsers that try crappy workarounds, but officially no support so the Surface is way ahead there.

Does the whitelist get wiped on update if you deselect (Under Tools -> Compatibility View settings) -> Download updated compatibility lists from Microsoft - ? Haven't had an update since I made the change.


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You definitely want to deselect that option - I believe that preserves your settings on reboots etc, but there is no way to preserve the list from MS firmware updates, which are less frequent. there is a really good thread on the whitelist over at XDA.


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There's an option for preventing the update of your edited list: Start the IE10 desktop-edition -> press ALT —> click "Tools" —> "Compatibility View settings" -> uncheck "Download updated compatibility list from Microsoft" - worked for me so far.