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Any known dates for future firmware/software updates to address current remaining issues for the SP3?


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Exactly what do you see or have heard or the remaining issues with the various SP3s models at this time? I have a feeling my SP3 wifi speed is not as good as my SP2 but I need to do some benchmarks to prove whether it's true or not. We need a defined list of still known issues (problems).


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Wifi still to me the only real pendent issue.

Performance/ Temperature can be improved by tuning the processor but for me it's not an issue.


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I think there are some outstanding battery life bugs that could be worked out. I'm not getting the kind of battery life I expected, averaging no more than 7 hours or so. That's not terrible, mind you, but not as good as I'd hoped. And I'm not doing anything terribly intense, so...


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We need a defined list of still known issues (problems).

I agree. It was difficult to keep up, when the SP3 first came out, with what were the "legit" issues, and what were issues that only a few people experienced but weren't necessarily platform-wide issues.

So the recurring issues that I do experience now, I'm always wondering if someone else already complained about this, etc. Some kind of current "known issues" thread would be nice.