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Greetings!...anyone know a pop3 app, or workaround?


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This is my 1st post to this particular forum, I'm working in one of the MS Holiday stores, and have gotten some excellent tips from reading the posts on this forum that I have been able to turn around and pass onto my Surface customers!...so thank you for that!...we've been looking daily to see if there is an app to help with pop3 emails, no luck yet...any interesting work arounds out there???

Bryan & JP --

My primary email address is POP3, and I am using the option referred to above. I get all my mail just fine. Ok, it's an extra step for setup, but you only have to do it once.

When you get to the link JP provided, scroll down to the post by JNJRoach. It has a link to a step-by-step process. It works. That's what I used.