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helps me! Surface that loop UEFI


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UEFI can not escape, can you help me fix it. thanks for the support.


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Microsoft does not support the country Vietnam. Who can help me .... please!

Yes you can get help. I am from the Philippines and my Surface RT was purchased in Australia. I've been in contact with Surface Support with all positive experience. I suggest you contact Singapore. When you get to support.surface.com, change the Country to Singapore. They open at 9am GMT+8.


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Unfortunately Microsoft's only solution to this is to send the device in for a replacement. I suggest you turn off the tablet and charge it for 30mins and see if there's a difference. Better yet, if you made a backup of the recovery partition to a usb drive, than I suggest you try restoring the device.

neu can toi co the viet tieng viet. :sorry:


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I thank you for all your help.
Hi! ArnoldC, which my English is limited, it is difficult to support in Singapore.
Hi! CMD, I try to do 2 days with "Secure Boot Loader Loop". But not much positive. I was looking for new ways online but no specific instructions to fix it.
Hi! scharp. I am a Vietnam, you can be happy about Vietnamese. I have tried your way but it still display the "Secure Boot Loader". I have tried pressing volum "-" + power on to boot USB, but it does not boot. If you have USB boot img file sharing I try to boot to the USB link.
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