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How can I install Outlook and Printers on my Surface?


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I need to have Outlook 2013 and my printers installed on my Surface Tablet, but I get an error saying this app cannot be installed on this tablet.

Does this for Chrome as well, is this just MS being pedantic?

How can I get around this?

Could you clarify if you have Surface RT or the Surface Pro? If you have RT what you are trying to do, especially with Chrome and Outlook would not be possible.
If it is RT, Outlook will be coming in a month or so with an update. You can install printers, but not from the disk that comes with them. The Surface needs to auto detect the printer. This has been seamless for me with network printers. I go to add a printer and it just shows up. If you want to directly connect one with USB, I would expect it to be detected like a USB device and set it up, but I haven't tried that.