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Huge LAN Networking Issue with Win 10

When is MS going to fix the Network issue on Win 10 where you can't see your other computers on LAN? This issue has affected hundreds (See Networking on MS Windows 10 TechNet forums). Microsoft has been completely silent on this issue. It seems that nothing much has changed in their attitude towards their customers since Ballmer left.

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No problems with my home network (to Macs, two PCs) and a the office, where about 30 SP3s are deployed within a network of hundreds of PCs.


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Does anyone know what the resolution for this is? I've been trying every suggestion I've found - smb, reset network, uninstall drivers, etc - and nothing has worked.

I got my new replacement SP3 yesterday and it just won't find any other computers on the network. The old SP3 works just fine, so it's something with this one. It has all the updates installed aside from the creators update.

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