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Improving SSD performance

Same for me - grayed out with the MZMTE512HMHP-000MV (512GB version) firmware EXT42M0Q. Also tried running as admin and all compatibility setting down to Windows 7. Nada. Haven't tried booting into safe mode, but that shouldn't be required.

I would manually upgrade the firmware, but the download site lists only the 830 and 840 series (no 850), and I don't see any obvious firmware files in any Samsung program directory. Checked Program Files (x86), ProgramData, and all likely AppData locations.

Anyone know where to get the 851 series firmware?
Have you ever noticed a difference in performance when your SP3 runs on battery against current?
Here are my tests (both after a data refresh):
There's a good +50% when on current.


indeed! You're also on Windows 10? Does this also happen on W8?

HD Tune Pro Read-Battery.PNG

HD Tune Pro Read-AC.PNG

Battery2: (just to be sure^^)
HD Tune Pro Read-Battery2.PNG
Has anyone heard word regarding whether or not the SSD firmware for the Samsung drives in the Surface Pro 3 is going to be updated and made available to fix the performance issues? On September 30th, assurances were made on the Microsoft community boards that a firmware fix was being worked on, but they've remained fairly mute on the subject since that post over a month ago.