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Improving SSD performance

I have been using the "unsupported" firmware from day one. I'm a happy camper.

Do you have a reputable link for it? I did the disk refresh tool a couple of times today but only got very small improvements, a far cry from the firmware imorovements. Still 100mbs off what others have seen.
More of a technical question....
The Probleme with the Slow speed is that old data is read slower, because first generation TLC NAND used in this SSD is bad.
Samsung Fixes this by creating a firmware that automatically refreshes data in the SSD.

Wouldn't that cause an increased power usage if this stuff has to be refreshed every now and then?
That was the last build, more or less the same as the "1st" fix for 840 EVO. Now that 840 EVO has received a "2nd" fix, where's the one for PM851???