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Good day all

I tried installing Intel's XTU again after not having it installed for 6 months or so to help with an issue I'm having. However whenever I try, and with all the versions I could find, to install the program it says "Attempted to install on an unsupported platform".
I remember having it installed and running circa August 2018 but now intel's official line is:

Why is Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility reporting an installation error?

I feel like Intel is gaslighting me. Has anyone else encountered this?


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You are probably not being taunted. The Intel XTU is restricted on my Surface Book 2 15 inch also.

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Do you remember it ever working though? That's where I'm losing my marbles, and that older versions that I must of used at the time dont work now either.


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Yes, I experimented with XTU on a Surface Pro 3 in 2017. Could be that heat or other damage risk to mostly fanless, miniaturized Surface devices was too high, and is now blocked.

Jakob Hviid

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ETU seems to work as intended on my SB2 and able to reach over 4k in Geek5 with ETU UV -0.1v
but you need specific build, otherwise, you will get the above error-code.

Was pleasantly surprised to see my low'end fanless SB2 top Geek4 on all the top 8 ranking multicore-scores and amongst one's like the 15" with tablet-fans and way more ram.. same with Geek5 and reaching 1700 in Cine20 and 750 in Cine15. surface book 2 - Geekbench Search - Geekbench Browser
Didnt expected those values from a 7½mm thin passive/fanless tablet from 2017.

'so downloaded a fresh ETU version to see how the system then would handle under-voltage, but that also stated that error when installing, then took an old hard drive from a year or two ago where I recall I had an old revision of Intel ETU and tried with that, and it worked.

'It is only a few days ago.
If you still can't get it to work' and need that specific build-info or an upload of it, just state it, then I will check the drive again.
My Device.
SBOOK2 i7 GTX1050 13.5 / PORSCHE BOOK i7 16GB 512GB (pictureslide)
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