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i'm curiouse to know what kind of user you use to login into your surface.

Do you use your Microsoft account (like [email protected]) and why?
Do you use a local account and just add your Microsoft account data into apps like the store? Why are you using a local account?

Right now i use my Microsoft account, but i may change that.

And you?



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Passport aka Windows Live account. No need for local account because I don't need to be authenticated by our active directory.
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Microsoft account. I'd rather have everything connected in one easy swoop than a local account and have to sign into everything individually.


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I use a Microsoft account so all Contacts/adress book, calendar, etc. goes acoss all my RT, Windows Phone and two desktops via the cloud.


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I use my Microsoft account that's associated with my email, calendar, Xbox Live, and Zune Pass. Used on my Surface, Xbox, Windows Phone, and netbook. Keeps everything in sync.