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Miracast won't connect to TV


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I have a new Panasonic TV and a new SP4. Both have Miracast and the SP4 "sees" the TV but after up to a minute of "connecting" the connection fails. Mirroring is enabled on the TV. Has anyone solved this problem or am I missing something?



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Thanks for the comment. Having bought an all-singing, all-dancing TV, I am loathed to fork out more cash when the technology in both devices is already there but I guess I may have to bite the bullet.



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I have this problem with my Sony X810c as well. My Android tablet and phone mirrors the screen fine, but Surface doesn't. I also have a MS adapter to which the Surface connects fine without issues.

I read somewhere that since Surface uses a Marvell wireless adapter (non-Intel), it will not support Wifi Direct (this info could be wrong). I don't know if that is true or if that is why Surface cannot connect to the TV.

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