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My Surface Pro is probably going back.


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Bought it at Staples this morning. Have been tinkering around with it all day.

The type cover doesn't work half the time. I connect it, and the surface doesn't recognize it about 50% of the time. I just exchanged my type cover for another one... same problem. It may be the surface itself, I dont know. I might try exchanging it for another one, but if this problem is not resolved I am not keeping it.

Other impressions:

Its heavy, but just light enough to make it functional as a tablet. I love the handwriting. I have to be able to use Chrome browser effectively, and it just doesn't work that well on the Surface. Time will probably fix that, but I need it to work now. The surface has already crashed on me twice.

I have really high hopes for this thing, but right now its not looking too good...


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Double check the box... sounds like you have my returned Samsung Atif 500 or 700.... probably the 500 but check just to be sure :)


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Sorry to hear about your experience, but I clean the contacts with an eraser and alcohol (Touch Cover) and eraser (Surface RT contacts). Willing to give it a try?


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He shouldn't need to clean contacts on a brand new device. They will surely accept it as an exchange or return if he wants.


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Some times you just get a lemon. At least it didn't come filled with porn or a virus (yes that has really happened).


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I know its not the pro, but with the 2 days I have had RT, everything works great, including the type cover..SNAP!!


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I am taking it back tomorrow. If they have one to exchange I will pick it up and see if the problem persists. Like you guys, I suspect its just a bad surface. It happens.


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sounds like a bad machine. I have had no problems with mine. I installed chrome and it works on the desktop, although it is not very touch friendly, you can use it if absolutely necessary. I wouldn't recommend making it your default browser though. Although that will make it work in metro, it is not optimized for touch yet and is a bit flaky because of that.