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I give up - Surface Pro is going back


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Maybe the fault lies with the user. I haven't had to reset anything yet. Then again, I am waiting for updates, not looking for the latest drivers etc. It may not work for 'you" but that doesn't mean it's not ready for prime-time or a joke. Most people don't have the problems you seem to be having.
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Mine is ready for prime time. I use the hell out of it and yes it does have some quirks here and there but all have been for corrected with a software uninstallation from something I put on it. I did have an issue with one of my updates failing but looking back I think it was from me not unplugging everything I had connecting to it and being a little impatient while it was loading.
It sucks when stuff happens especially because I place so much stock in this device each day with my day to day routines. But as mentioned this is one of the best 1st generation devices I have owned. I hope it works out for you.


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Of course you’re bitter and frustrated right now, but don’t leave upset; you have probably gained some new friends and enjoyed the spirited banter on the forum. Who knows, maybe the next Surface will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Good luck in your future endeavors.


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After putting up with the quirks and bugs and resetting my device 4 times I am calling it quits. I am returning my Surface Pro this morning. The Keyboard and everything else. Mouse and Extra Power supply, all of it.

I just cant use this as a productivity tool if I have reinstall all my productivity tools as often as this device requires it. Microsoft seems to think that 'Reset to Default' is a good answer for all this units issues. I have never been able to install the System Aggregator Firmware without some issue. This time it refuses to install and instead wants to leave me at a SURFACE - PLEASE WAIT WHILE WE INSTALL A SYSTEM UPDATE screen ad infinitum.

Been fun... I bought the whole shooting match, The TYPE COVER, the wedge mouse, 128Gb model, extra power supply ... I just need a device that will hold up for more than 3 weeks before requiring a complete rebuild. Sorry :(

Sounds to me like you need a slightly larger dose of patience when it comes to running those updates. One thing i have come to realize as a Microsoft Support Specialist is that with any and all new devices, running windows environments is that you should anticipate an initial configuration process of 2-3 hours, exclusive of the install of your apps. Over the course of the next few days the system, application and OS updates will keep coming and you should expect them and have patience with them. once you get past this initial hump, it’s all virtually smooth sailing. I have been using my surface pro now for just about three months as a sole device and I am still receiving the periodic updates. My pro was refreshed once and that was because after installing a couple beta applications which did not uninstall as cleanly as I would have liked and getting a virus from my torrenting escapades, I saw the wipe/reinstall as my best/safest option. So, my point is that every windows device will have a constant level of attention demanded as far as updates go. Consequently, if you’re looking for something that will not require a little technical attention on a regular basis and you’re willing to give up the flexibility Microsoft Operating systems and applications offer over the other guys then maybe you are looking into devices running the wrong OS.
Invest the time with the updates and you will not be disappointed.


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20 minutes really? Really? Honestly? Not to rain on yours but this device is a Joke. It just isn't ready for prime-time, from the bleed in around the edges it feels rushed. I have used Acronis and my experience is that the results are bad at best. Tired of the need for this being EVERY Patch Tuesday. I mean yea, I expected more.

Wow, I definately appreciate this level of passion. however, from my experience with the advent of other non-apple devices. I have come to the conclusion that this level of hate usually is fueled by something other than disappointment for the advent device. Usually fanboiism and most usuallyfor apple products. Quite frankly, I am surprised that you did not compare the surface pro with the ipad.
Anyway, the Surface PRO is called the PRO for a reason. I was never intended for casual end users. If you dont agree, just ask yourself how many casual users out there would be willing to pay the premium price of $1200 that is costs to own the entire SP bundle..
Sorry sir, I think you are a "Fanboi" and suggest you stick with your Ipad.


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i have a w510 laptop for home use, but it was just so big and bulky, i liked the surface being so portable and powerful. I just cannot be expected to reset the device every time ms releases firmware or a patch that doesn't install correctly. I must say i was shocked at the level of incompetence displayed by the first tech i spoke with yesterday morning. I rarely call for support for anything and expect the guy on the other end to be trained to at least some degree. He was googling the system aggregator firmware issue and reading me steps i already had on my screen. He even admitted he didn't know what it was at first.

ditto...i second that motion.