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New Apple 12" MacBook - competition to SP3 ?


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On what planet?

Just a very expensive netbook in my opinion. A very limited one. The ports are a complete joke. There were apple fans bashing the surface for the keyboard being an extra expense, on this you have to buy a fancy dongle just to have video out or even simply just a usb a flash drive.


For me, no competition at all. No touch screen and its not a hybrid.

Basically an thin apple laptop with updated hardware. The article didnot mention the screen resolution. That usb port is really a turn off.


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When I first saw it, I immediately didn't think it was a competitor to the Sp3 after further review the call is confirmed. :)

Jay Marino

nobody is talking about the obvious. The Mac doesn't have a touchscreen....SP3 is tablet/laptop hybrid. You can do both. Mac is Mac. iPad is iPad.


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Well of course it is competition, I mean that thing is pretty incredible. Only the other day @GreyFox7 was talking about the SP4 being "portless", and here we have our first example of machine going that way. Will it work? Errr, maybe.

With my SP3, I very rarely need the USB port, and most of my use for it is for use with an ethernet adaptor, so going to a USB C-to-ethernet would be no change. No dedicated Display output? That's a trickier one as I've still not stumbled across a TV or display where I could merely mirror straight to it with no extra hardware. However, I've still never been able to connect the SP3 to any display without an adapter anyway, so again not much change there either.

On the whole, I cannot see one port being much of an inconvenience as with the SP3 we end up using adapters or docking stations anyway.

So could I see myself being able to cope with a machine that only has one port? (well two, there's still a headphone jack on it) - maybe in the future. There is no denying this configuration is where all PCs and Macs will end up eventually, so it'll be good to see how it actually survives out in the wild.


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I am generally a Mac fan. I own and use three.
In my case, this one will remain fanless.