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Windows 10...not impressed.


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I'm using this one:


I've kept my DNS Client enabled as I need it for other things. I use the optimized HOST file and used the installer to install it (the author works for Malwarebytes)....

Above is free....

Hmm. Having installed this on my S3 it is now borked. cannot load any page in any browser, no apps can get any access to internet (Store just sits spinning its dots) and an uninstall did not put it back how it was. I manually pasted a different set of exclusions into the Hosts file on my SP3 and that is working just fine.

Edit: ok, it's sorted. Seems the S3 is just so painfully slow that it took about 5 minutes to load all of that into memory or whatnot :/


Supposedly October. Not soon enough! edge will never get taken seriously until it gets things like comprehensive native ad/pop up blocking. Doesn't matter how many magic inking and Cortana features they add on, those are gimmicks to the masses, who are far more concerned about the availability of flash downloaders and add blocking etc.

As a professor, I'm quite happy to have the inking, though. I also love how easy it is to take very precise screen shots. I could add those to my presentations.


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Taking a step back, someone said on this forum that Win10 shows a belief that desktop is dead but that's not just a Microsoft phenomena.

Google is only developing Chromium OS as a web connected client. Nobody would call Chromium a desktop OS in it's own right, nor does Google need to compete with Microsoft on desktop OSes anyways. Google is simply devastating Microsoft in the mobility space with Android. Despite folks thinking of smartphones when someone says "Android", Google made sure their OS runs on a plethora of tablets. Because Google pushed Android hard, it's almost saturated the mobile consumer market.

Apple does still develop OSX but that OS is focusing more and more on mobility. Obviously OSX isn't targeted at desktops given the ubiquity of Apple's laptop lines, and laptops are a consumer space where Apple is slowly eating away at Microsoft's dominance (and where Google's Chromium fails to compete). Looking a little closer you'll notice iOS features being (back)ported into OSX, like the Control Center. I wouldn't be surprised if Tim Cook eventually announced that MacBooks will soon run some variant of iOS and bring an end to the the laptop focused OS. :O

Microsoft? They've got to compete against Apple and Google in the tablet and smartphone market, but Microsoft's failed to do that when you look at the Windows CE history (which boggled my mind because so many corporate emails run Exchange; so smartphone integration was low hanging fruit). Basically Win10 is sending a loud signal that Microsoft is targetting tablets. Yet they don't want to unhitch from Microsoft traditional dominance in the desktop and laptop space. Instead of developing a separate OS for tablets (like Apple's iOS on iPad), Microsoft opted for a hybrid OS. Win10 is the crossroads -- and it's also a pain in the butt if you just want a good ole' desktop.
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