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[PSA] Surface Book keyboard manual release


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Apparently the Surface Book has a manual release to detach the keyboard from the base. Found this after reading through a reddit post

"Okay. On the right hand side of the clipboard about 4-6 holes up is an emergency release. You will need a paperclip and it will go in at a bit of an angle. This will disengage the keyboard manually. You may need to fiddle a bit to fully detach but it will come apart. After that, plug in the clipboard and all should be good to go.

Hope this helps. "

Surface Book detach light is red • /r/Surface


This is very useful to know - but I hate the thought of randomly poking in my SB innards 'around' holes 4, 5 and 6 and sticking a sharp piece of metal into some internal component that I shouldn't.

If anyone has the courage to test this out, could I ask that they post EXACTLY which hole to use...?


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If you take a flashlight to it you can kinda sorta see the hole @ 6. I stuck a piece of wire in there and can feel the lever, though I can't get it to actually detach

Wayne Orwig

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You would HAVE to do the left and the right seperately.
And if in the process, you accidentally pop the muscle wire off of the cam, you are totally screwed.


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This might be useful in a pinch, but I would say that experimenting to see if it will work falls squarely into the category of events where, shortly after, you say "What the heck was I thinking?"


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Tried it on my SB2 15". Works, exactly as in the video. I used an iPhone light to illuminate. Holes 5 and 6 are deeper/clearer than the neighboring holes. Lever seems to be halfway between hole 5 and 6, which is why a slight angle into hole 5 works.


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I had my screen turned around on my Surface Book 2 and the battery wasn't charging, so the computer died and I couldn't remove the screen to fix the problem. I used this method to remove my screen and reverse it back. It worked perfectly. Thank you!