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Screen off, but system still on possible?


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I'm sorry if this has been posted before, I could not find it.

I have another issue, not sure if it has been asked or if its meant to be like that. I need to download a huge backup file. And is there anyway to have the screen power off, but the SP3 remain downloading? I find it a pain, normally with my laptop i close the lid, it turns off the screen with the action set to do nothing. But the MS does nothing! The screen is on behind the touch cover and it seems screen off in display setting is not that, but sleep? Its a pain. Is there a fix?


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Do torrents stop downloading in connected standby? Would seem bizarre not to be able to turn the screen off and keep everything running in the background while on battery.


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If you run a Modern UI Torrent client, if coded correctly it should be able to continue to run in CS but it will impact the battery if not plugged-in.